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Sept. 2, 2018

Property Valuation

Happy Fall, Y'all! Hard to believe summer is over, but there's something about the crisp morning air, jeans and sweatshirts, and football games that makes it all worth it.

Fall is a great time to take a look at how your biggest investment, your home, is doing in the marketplace.  You may be surprised at how much it's appreciated since you bought it! If you think you need more room or you're ready to downsize, we can tell you how much your home is worth and what larger or smaller homes will cost for your next step.

Click on our Property Valuation tab and we can help you get started on your next step. 

March 25, 2010

Welcome to our new site

Mark the day - August 19th, 2016. We entered the blogoshpere.  I hope to find topics you'll find helpful and interesting, and not musings on what I ate for breakfast, or how the Cubs are doing (great, by the way).

We have a new website that I think will help you find what you're looking for!